5 Obvious Signs It’s Time for a Toner Cartridge Replacement

Only getting badly printed documents? It might be time for a laser printer cartridge replacement. Here are 5 obvious signs you might need a new toner.

The quality of your documents is an important part of the flow of your business. While it doesn’t seem like an issue until it is, clear and legible documents need to be a priority.

Document clarity starts with the quality of your printer and moves out into your toner and cartridges. In order to keep things in balance, it’s important to remember when it’s time to make a cartridge replacement.

You want to take care of the replacement before you have problems with your document, though. We’re here to give you some tips about when it’s time to replace a cartridge.


When It’s Time for a Cartridge Replacement

There are generally two kinds of printer that you’re likely to have. The first is an impact printer, which uses a toner to physically translate the information onto the page. Non-impact printers use alternative means of printing so we won’t discuss those in this article.

That said, changing the cartridge is going to be different depending on the toner you use, your printer, and how often you’re printing in the office.

1. What’s Your Page Life?

A good sign that you need to change a cartridge is that your page life is getting low. Most toner cartridges mark their longevity in the form of “page life.” This is just a number that tells roughly how many pages that cartridge will be able to print.

Check the cartridge box before you put the toner into the printer. Keep the number in mind and weigh it against how much you have been printing.

2. Blank Spots on Page

You’ll notice that a low toner cartridge will print in shoddy ways, typically missing spots or streaks of the page.

It’s possible that this could happen once or twice with a full-cartridge, but if the problem continues, it’s likely due to the toner.

3. Streaks and Lines

Low toner will result in streaks and lines that run vertically across the page. This is typically due to the way that the printer applies toner and how it reacts to instances when there’s no toner.

You’ll notice this come on slowly, eventually resulting in documents that are difficult to read.

4. Faint Text

The most common issue that you’ll be able to see immediately is the presence of faint text. The bold, black text that comes off the printer when you change the cartridge will begin to fade.

It’ll come on gradually until you absolutely have to change the cartridge.

5. A Printer Alert

The most obvious and telling sign that you need to change the toner cartridge is your printer alerting you that you have low toner or low ink.

When this appears you probably won’t have noticed any change in the quality of your documents. It’s essential to change the toner soon after the alert, though, because the quality of ink will lessen quickly.

Need More Help?
A cartridge replacement is one of the simpler issues that a printer will throw your way. Printers can be extremely difficult, but the reward is high if you can handle them well.

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