4 Easy-To-Follow Steps to Replace Toner Cartridges in Your Laser Printer

Never changed a laser printer toner cartridge before? Check out this guide with 4 easy-to-follow steps to help you replace toner cartridges quickly.

Laser printers have a lot of advantages. They complete documents quickly, are relatively quiet, cost less to purchase, and have great black ink printing quality. All printers, however, require some upkeep.

One message that tech adverse laser printer owners hate to see is the dreaded “replace toner” message. Without hardware savvy skills, this can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, with a little help, it’s not.

The right instructions make toner cartridge replacement simple. Clear and concise directions will get you printing again in no time.

If you’re looking for some assistance replacing your laser printer toner cartridge, check out the guide below.

1. Open Up Your Printer

Unfortunately, it’s usually common mistakes that cause printers to break. One of these is how you open your printer for maintenance.

Make sure your printer is turned off before you open the front cover. Then, remove both the drum unit and toner cartridge from the printer. You will need to press a lever to remove the old toner from the drum cartridge.


2. Prepare the Toner Cartridge

Next, turn to your new toner cartridge. You can remove it from its packaging, but be careful handling the cartridge as it has special drum reading parts on it. Touching these parts can cause your printer to read the toner cartridge incorrectly, leading to printing issues.


3. Insert the New Toner

This should be the easy part. Once your new toner cartridge is ready, it should easily fit back into the drum assembly. You should hear a snap or click that indicates the toner is securely and correctly inside the drum assembly.

You should also slide the drum cleaning lever before it’s good to go. This usually requires sliding a tab from side to side a few times as it cleans the corona wire. This wire takes the toner from the drum and transfers it to the paper.


4. Close Up Your Printer

Once your toner is replaced in the drum assembly and the corona wire is cleaned, you can reinsert the entire thing back into your printer. After doing so, make sure to close the front cover.

The last step is to print a test page. This is to make sure your printer is working. The last thing you’d want is to encounter a printing error when printing important documents.

In fact, your computer may even recognize that you have inserted a new toner cartridge. Make sure this test page prints correctly before you finish up your job.

Replace Toner with Getinktoner

It shouldn’t be difficult to replace toner – it’s common upkeep for any kind of printer. Nowadays, the Internet has answers for everything, including this guide to laser printer toner replacement.

By following these four simple instructions, you can replace your toner cartridge and get back to work. Even someone who’s never replaced toner before should be able to complete the job with no issues.

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