Laser Printers vs. Inkjet Printers : Best Printer For Small Business

If you are looking to purchase a new printer for your home or office, then this month is packed with plenty of offers from the best printer manufactures out there. Apart from the price of the printer, knowing the best printer for small business can be tricky. Most printers made for small business needs are either inkjet or laserjet type.

So what’s the difference?

While laser printers (laserjet) uses a combination of heat and powder from the toner to write onto the paper, inkjet printers on the other hand directly spray wet ink onto the paper. These two different methods of printing affect both the quality and how the printout is affected by weather and other factors over time.

Pricing and Maintenance

Your expected print workload should determine what kind of printer you end up picking. If you work remotely with relatively few printing tasks, then you can get a suitable inkjet printer for less than 10%0. Shopping for a printer for your small business can be less pricey as there are many budget printer options available for each category.

Once the price bit is decided, you should also consider how much you will be spending on maintenance and consumables. These unavoidable costs include ink or toner cartridges and other printer supplies. Normally, the total number of pages that a toner or ink cartridge is capable of printing before running out will be specified by the manufacturer and labeled/mentioned in the description of the item. This means that you can quickly evaluate the cost to value ratio by merely dividing the total number of pages that a cartridge can print as specified by the manufacturer with its price.

It other factors you should consider when estimating maintenance costs of a printer are expected uses of the printer and who will use it. You should also note that it is cheaper to print black and white compared to colored. As a rule of thumb: the larger a printer is, the more the maintenance cost. Enterprise-grade printers that are built to cater to larger workgroups or teams are a good example of this group. Wide-format type printer is also pricier to maintain compared to your average printer.

Some of the best printer deals on the market include:


1. HP Envy 5052: All-in-One Wireless Best Printer For Small Business

Sold on Walmart for just $59, This all in one printer is among the best printer for small business. It is very easy to set up and use, offering many features including scanning, copying, 2 sided printing and borderless printing capabilities.

2. Brother AIO Monochrome Laser Printer

credit to brother

The Brother AIO printer is another great printer capable of handling everything from your home office to small business printing activities. It comes packed with impressive features that should make even the most boring printing tasks easy and fun to do! Some of its features include WiFi, wireless networking and Duplex printing at up to 32ppm speeds! It sales at just $139.

3. Epson WorkForce WF-2630 All-in-Best Printer For Small Business

credit epson

Sold for just $39, the WF-2630  is one of the best printer for small business you can find. It is an all in one solution to all your color printing needs, from scanning, printing to copying. You can also link to it through both USB and wireless means making it possible to print straight from your phone regardless of what room the printer is in. It weighs just 12.8lbs making it easy to move around or transfer.


  • Text Quality and Detail: Best Printer For Small Business

Compared to ink printers, laser printers have a reputation for printing faster; hence if you need to print a document ASAP, you may want to go with the laser printer. Most laser printers (both basic –black and white models and even colored type) have an average printing speed of 20 ppm and above which is useful when you have a large volume of printouts to get through. Although inkjet printers ppm speed has increased over the years, it is still not as fast as laserjet printers of the same category.

  • Applications: inkjet and laser printers

If your main concern is the text quality (such as printing office reports, memos), then both the inkjet and laser printer should work just fine. However, for highly detailed printouts, or tiny font sized works, you should consider using laser printers.

It ’s not all curtains for inkjet printers as they thrive when it comes to color printing. This is most useful if you want to do a professional photo printing session or when printing your employee of month photo. Either way, inkjet printers are compatible with most materials compared to laser printers hence perform great when it comes to color printing.


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